I'm not looking to set any world records. I'm just a 66 year old guy who loves disc golf and wants to promote it. It's a great sport that is growing by leaps and bounds. Yet many people have no clue there are over 375 disc golf courses in this state. 

It's been almost 12 years since I picked it up this intoxicating sport and it has overwhelmed me. I love to play the game and experience all that it has to offer, like the feel of the disc ripping out of my hand or watching discs sail over great open crevices and through tunnels of trees. I relish the laughter and banter with good friends as well as making new friends when stopping at a course and finding someone else who enjoys the sport as much as I. I've experienced the agony of defeat as a favorite disc comes out of my hand poorly and lands in the water instead of sailing across and the exctasy of a disc going into the basket off the tee.

All of this and more has triggered me into considering doing something crazy! I think I've found the solution to my mid-life crisis! I want to experience the journey and the joy of playing all the courses across the state. Initially, I wanted to do it before I turned 60, but sometimes life gets in the way of best laid dreams. I want to play each course to its completion. They are all unique to their home and carry with them their own flavor. The people that play them share the same love for the sport that I do. I want to experience disc golf in a whole new way: On the road around Kansas.

Doug Dick

Wichita, KS

PDGA #69144

Club Memberships:

66 years old

Scott's Miracle-Gro - Part Time

Middle School Tech Teacher - RETIRED

Married with 2 children and 4 grands

Playing since August 2011

Play Kansas DGC since February 2015





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