Play Kansas DGC

Tracking and Playing every disc golf course in Kansas.

 Disc Golf Courses in Kansas:

February 2015 - 151

April 2023 - 394

I've played - 278

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Welcome to Play Kansas DGC

This website started out tracking my journey to play every disc golf course in Kansas. It was designed around a 2 year plan that would end in February 2017. We are now into 2023 and I've played ?????% of the courses. It's hard to make progress partially because life can get in the way and partially because disc golf is EXPLODING! I

I'll continue to play courses and will get them all played...someday! I've retired from education after 36 years which should help! More importantly, I want to track new courses, course changes and special events. An important piece of that is a database of courses with key information helpful to find, play and enjoy disc golf in Kansas. You can also check out a map with all the courses. I hope you find it useful and if you have any thoughts or ideas, make sure you let me know.